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 Tjerk Lammers
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"Schroor's Frisian butterballs"


Butterballs are sugary sweets also previously called 'kokyntsjes'. Earlier many families in Beetsterzwaag made and sold ‘kokyntsjes’ but those of Durk Geerts Schroor are the best known. The butterballs were sold by his wife in their own shop. Their manufacture is a precise and labour-intensive job. Bouwe Durks took over this sideline and manufactured and sold the 'balls‘ from 1889 from the house with the eagle (main street 70, now art gallery Hellinga). This characteristic building from 1754, was linked for a century linked to ‘The traditionally famous Schroor's Frisian butter balls’, as the then sign outside indicates. In 1986 the production ended due to the high age (88) of manufacturer Theo Schroor (grandson of Durk Geerts). This specific recipe and method of preparation are still known to the descendants of Theodoor, and for special occasions ‘butter balls’ are still made.

My (Marcel) grandparents Theo and Roelfje Schroor lived in the house with the eagle next to the Bank where Jelle Schroor lived, where they baked and sold the butter balls. Strangers were rarely allowed in the factory, so you (Tjerk) had a privilege to witness their manufacturing.


I myself have assisted my grandfather Theo many times made when he came to be of high age. In his eighties, he needed help for the tough job of throwing and pulling a sugary clump over the wall-mounted hook. I also helped my father who was also named Theo and born in 1939, just like you Tjerk. He still lives in Beetsterzwaag with my mother Cootje at Wolde.


We sometimes still make butter balls and are secretive with the recipe. On the Internet is a video where my father Theo Schroor and someone else is explaining some of the details to a Polish artist who wanted to imitate them. She did not get the recipe out of us and her attempt is only partially successful. The house of my grandparents is now an art house, SYB, with changing exhibitions.


Link to the video: https://vimeo.com/100195403


Source: Marcel Schroor 2018


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