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Schroor Genealogy. VII generations.

I. Girbe Dirks. M. (church) 20-05-1759 in Langezwaag Sibbeltje Geerts. From this marriage:

  1. Geert Gerbens continues in II.1
  2. Wytske Gerbens continues in II.2
  3. Durk Gerbens continues in II.3


II.1 Geert Gerbens. Is the baptist (RC) in 1804 of Geert Durks (see II.3), and in 1806 of Wytske Hendriks (see II.2). No more data found afterwards.

II.2 Wytske Gerbens. M. Hendrik Annes de Lang. From this marriage:

  1. Wytske de Lang
  2. Grietje de Lang
  3. Sibbeltje de Lang
  4. Anne de Lang
  5. Girbe de Lang


II.3 Durk Gerbens Schroor. Born 1761 in Boven-Knipe, Tailor and shopkeeper died 18-08-1839 in Beneden-Knipe at the age of 78. M. (RC-church) 19-11-1786 at “het Meer” Elske Johannes de Braak, born 1762 at Heerenveen, daughter of Johannes Franses de Braak (weaver) and Geeske Hendriks, died 09-07-1838 at the Knipe at the age of 76. From this marriage 10 children, which in 1811 have now taken the name of Schroor;

  1. Johannes Durks Schroor continues in III.5
  2. Gurbe Durks Schroor continues in III.6
  3. Sibbeltje Durks Schroor continues in III.7
  4. Jan Durks Schroor continues in III.8
  5. Geert Durks Schroor continues in III.9

III.5 Johannes Durks van der Wijk. Born 1788 in Beneden-Knipe, christened (RC) 11-11-1788, died 04-11-1854 in Heerenveen at the age of 65. From profession a travelling salesman (hawker) and ‘suikerballetje-bakker’. Was named at the name adoption in 1811 as the 23-year-old son of Durk Gerbens Schroor in Wolvega, but after his marriage named himself "van der Wijk". M. 16-09-1812 in Wolvega Anna Dirks Eilers, born around 1792 in Noorwolde, died 25-07-1853 in Schoterland, daughter of Dirk Geerts Eilers. From this marriage:


  1. Elisabeth (Elske) Johannes van der Wijk, born 28-12-1812 in Steggerda (mairie Noordwolde), died 1866 at Avereest, M. 28-11-1830 in Heerenveen-Aengwirden Albertus Josephs Padberg, born about 1807 in Heerenveen, died 1894 in Avereest, son of Joseph Padberg and Grietje Jurjens Bosch. From this marriage:
  1. Margaretha Padberg, born on 26-09-1831 in Aengwirden.
  2. Anna Padberg, born 02-10-1833 in Aengwirden.
  3. Ida Padberg, born 01-05-1836 in Aengwirden.
  4. Fronica Padberg, born 11-10-1838 in Aengwirden.
  5. Johannes Padberg, born 08-08-1841 in Beneden-Knipe.
  6. Joseph Padberg, born 21-01-1843 in Beneden-Knipe M. 28-01-1869 in Avereest to Lizaberta van Os.
  7. Johanna Padberg, born around 1846 in Avereest.
  8. Theodorus Padberg, born around 1849 in Avereest.


  1. Dirk Johannes van der Wijk
  2. Jan Johannes van der Wijk
  3. Theodorus Johannes van der Wijk
  4. Geertruid Johannes van der Wijk
  5. Johannes Johannes van der Wijk
  6. Catharina Johannes van der Wijk


III.6 Gurbe Durks Schroor. Born 1791 at the Knipe, baptized (RC) 16-06-1791, a soldier in the army of Napoleon, took part in the campaign to Russia and did not return, probably died around 1811 at the age of 20.

III.7 Sibbeltje Durks Schroor. Born 1796 in de Knipe, baptized (RC) 04-02-1796, seamstress, died 16-11-1863 in Luinjeberd at the age of 67. M. 16-03-1817 in Schoterland Harmen Dirks Kruis, born 05-10-1790 in Andervinde, peat maker, died 29-05-1861 in Luinjeberd at the age of 70, son of Harmen Beerend Kruis and Anliet Wessels. From this marriage:

  1. Kruis
  2. Elske Kruis
  3. Grietje Aaltje Kruis
  4. Durk Kruis
  5. Jan Kruis
  6. Harmen Kruis

III.8 Jan Durks Schroor. Born 1801 in de Knipe, baptized (RC) 18-02-1801, unmarried, died 08-05-1823 in Schoterland at the age of 22.

III.9 Geert Durks Schroor. Born in Lower-Knipe, baptized (RC) 28-02-1804, route shipper, miller, shopkeeper, died 05-02-1877 in Beetsterzwaag at the age of 72. M. 21-02-1824 in Joure Sjoukje Annes de Boer, born 26-05-1800 in Workum, daughter of Anne Douwes de Boer and Rimke Eelkes van Dijk, died 26-12-1866 in Beetsterzwaag at the age of 66. From this marriage:

  1. Anne Geerts Schroor continues in IV.5
  2. Elske Geerts Schroor, born 31-01-1829 in Oldeboorn, died 13-09-1832 at the age of 3.
  3. Durk Geerts Schroor continues in IV.7


IV.5 Anne Geerts Schroor. Born 29-12-1824 at the Knipe, barge hand, shopkeeper, died 11-03-1858 in Beetsterzwaag at the age of 33. M. 22-05-1856 in Beetsterzwaag Suardina Jans Meek, born 30-05-1831 in Beetsterzwaag, daughter of Jan Willems Meek and Martje Dieuwes Hemminga, died 25-08-1897 in Beetsterzwaag at the age of 66. From this marriage:

  1. Sjoukje Annes Schroor, born 1857 in Beetsterzwaag, died there in 19-07-1858.

IV.7 Durk Geerts Schroor. Born 19-06-1831 in Oldeboorn, route shipper, shopkeeper, miller, died 01-01-1917 in Beetsterzwaag at the age of 85. M. 03-10-1853 te Beetsterzwaag Engeltje Annes Faber, born 23-05-1831 in Beetsterzwaag, daughter of Anne Bouwes Faber and Akke Gerks Huisma, died 13-04-1911 in Beetsterzwaag at the age of 79. From this marriage:

  1. Geert Durks Schroor continues in V.2
  2. Anne Durks Schroor, born 18-08-1855 in Beetsterzwaag, died 08-04-1856 there.
  3. Anne Durks Schroor, born 10-01-1857 in Beetsterzwaag, died 18-10-1861 there.
  4. Sjoukje Durks Schroor, continues in V.5
  5. Akke Durks Schroor, born 05-09-1860 in Beetsterzwaag, died 26-04-1861 there.
  6. Anne Durks Schroor continues in V.7
  7. Bouwe Durks Schroor continues in V.8
  8. Gerk Durks Schroor continues in V.9
  9. Eelke Durks Schroor, born 03-06-1868 in Beetsterzwaag, died 07-08-1903 at the age of 35, unmarried.
  10. Akke Durks Schroor, born 21-06-1870 in Beetsterzwaag, died 30-05-1884 there at the age of thirteen.
  11. Elske Durks Schroor, born 06-02-1872 in Beetsterzwaag, died 27-04-1889 there at the age of 17.


V.2 Geert Durks Schroor. Born 08-01-1854 in Beetsterzwaag, route shipper, died 12-04-1939 in Beetsterzwaag at the age of 85. M. 22-05-1880 in Beetsterzwaag Jenke Jelles van den Berg, born 02-10-1857 in Beetsterzwaag, died 26-06-1921 in Beetsterzwaag at age 63. From this marriage:

  1. Durk Geerts Schroor
  2. Jelle Geerts Schroor
  3. Janke Geerts Schroor
  4. Engeltje Geerts Schroor
  5. Hiltje Geerts Schroor
  6. Eelke Geerts Schroor


V.5 Sjoukje Durks Schroor. Born 15-09-1858 in Beetsterzwaag, unmarried died 03-02-1881 in Beetsterzwaag at the age of 22. Two children:

  1. Geeske Schroor
  2. Frederika Schroor


V.7 Anne Durks Schroor. Born 29-01-1862 in Beetsterzwaag, antiquarian, carpenter, died 03-02-1919 in Beetsterzwaag at the age of 57. M. 16-12-1892 in Beetsterzwaag Hendrikje van der Wal, born 06-06-1867 in Beetsterzwaag, died there on 06-02-1925 at the age of 57. From this marriage:

  1. Engeltje Annes Schroor
  2. Durk Jurjen Annes Schroor
  3. Anne Annes Schroor
  4. Elisabeth Annes Schroor
  5. Albert Annes Schroor


V.8 Bouwe Durks Schroor. Born 19-01-1864 in Beetsterzwaag, route shipper, died 13-02-1929 in Beetsterzwaag at age 65. M. 30-05-1880 in Beetsterzwaag Maria Jacobus Glastra,born 05-03-1865 in Beetsterzwaag, daughter of Jacobus Jacobs Glastra and Theodora Regina Muhlslegel, shopkeeper, died 12-03-1945 in Beetsterzwaag at the age of 80. From this marriage:

  1. Elske Schroor
  2. Jacobus Theodorus Schroor
  3. Engeltje Angel Bouwes Schroor
  4. Durk Bouwes Schroor
  5. Theodoor Reginus Schroor


V.9 Gerk Durks Schroor. Born 12-02-1866 in Beetsterzwaag, accountant, post office master, died 13-01-1941 in Beetsterzwaag at the age of 74. M. 26-06-1890 te Beetsterzwaag Wietske Jongsma, born 17-07-1868 in Beetsterzwaag, died 13-08-1929 in Beetsterzwaag at age 61. From this marriage:

  1. Engeltje Gerks Schroor
  2. Hendrik Gerks Schroor
  3. Durk Gerks Schroor (my great grandfather)
  4. Janke Gerks Schroor
  5. Fokje Gerks Schroor
  6. Geert Gerks Schroor
  7. Anna Gerks Schroor
  8. Anna Gerks Schroor


V.10 Durk Gerks Schroor. Born in 1854, died in 1939. M. 1880 Jenke van der Berg born 1814, died in 1924. From this marriage:

  1. Durk Geerts Schroor
  2. Janke Schroor
  3. Jelle Schroor (my grandfather)
  4. Janke Schroor
  5. Engeltje Schroor
  6. Engeltje Schroor
  7. Hiltje Schroor


VI. Jelle Schroor. Born in 01-05-1888. Died in 33-03-1975. M. Aaltje de Vries born in 1886 died 1976-12-20. From this marriage:

  1. Jinke Schroor
  2. Geertruida Schroor (my mother)


VII.1 Jinke Schroor. Born in 26-01-1911. M. 03-06-1937 Ate van der Werff born 21-10-1910. From this marriage:

  1. Jan van der Werff
  2. Ali Jet van der Werff


VII. 2 Geertruida Schroor. Born 29-03-1917 in Beetsterzwaag. Died 14-12-2011 in Pretoria. M. 02-06-1938 Klaas Johannes Lammers born in Drachten 22-07-1914, died in Pretoria 06-12-2006. From this marriage:

  1. Tjerk Jelle Lammers
  2. Jelle Hendrik Lammers
  3. Ali Jenny Lammers



The data for this family tree comes largely from two sources, both drawn up by P.Landman.
The first source is a family tree compiled on October 28, 1978.
The second source concerns the pedigree (GEN 1080) that is in the reading room library of the Ryksargyf in Leeuwarden.
Here and there Marcel Schroor has added data from his own research (Frysk Ryksargyf / Internet).
From the above, it appears that the family name Schroor from this lineage from 1850 is only continued in Beetsterzwaag. Relation with other Friesian Schroor families has not been found and seems unlikely for now.

Marcel Schroor
Ate van der Werff

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