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Lammers Genealogy - IX generations.



I.1 Lammert Pieters. Grave digger, died 7-1-1797, M. Gerkje Roelofs, died 13-4-1797. No further details.

From this marriage:

  1. Roelof Lammert Lammers continues in II.1
  2. Hendrikus Lammerts continues in II.2


II.1 Roelof (born Lammerts) Lammers. Born in Drachten 17-5-1789, Silversmith assistant, died 13-4-1856, M. 6-10-1824 Iebeltje Pieters Meijer, born 1798.

Roelof was placed in an orphanage at the age of 8. Recruited along with a number of other orphans for the French army for the campaign to Russia by Napoleon. Seems to have deserted and returned to Leeuwarden as one of the few. He takes the name LAMMERS as his surname and establishes himself as a silversmith assistant in Drachten.

From this marriage:

  1. Pieter Roelofs Lammers continues in III.1
  2. Lammert Roelofs Lammers
  3. Broor Roelofs Lammers
  4. Gerhard Roelofs Lammers
  5. Geertje Roelofs Lammers continues in III.5


II.2 Hendrikus Lammerts. Born 21-2-1794.




       Pieter Roelofs Lammers                                    Geertje Johannes Bijzet

III.1 Pieter Roelofs Lammers. Born 26-02-1824, Silversmith assistant, died 27-12-1895. M. 20-5-1848 Geertje Johannes Bijzet. Born 1823, died 28-9-1907.

From this marriage :
  1. Broor Lammers
  2. Johannes Lammers
  3. Roelof Lammers

III.2 Lammert Roelofs Lammers.


III.3 Broor Roelofs Lammers.


III.4 Gerhard Roelofs Lammers.


III.5 Geertje Roelofs Lammers.



    Roelof Pieters Lammers

IV.1 Roelof Pieters Lammers. Born 1-5-1853, Photographer, died 15-11-1910. M. Jansje Tjerks Jeltema, born 1847 in Drachten, died 22-5-1927.

From this marriage:

  1. Tjerk Roelofs Lammers continues V.1.1
  2. Pieter Roelofs Lammers continues V1.2
  3. Geertje Roelofs Lammers continues V1.3


IV.2 Broor Pieters Lammers. Born 1858, died 1939. M. Hendrika Johanna Dijkstra, born 1864, died 18-6-1942.

From this marriage:

  1. Pieter Broor Lammers continues in V.2.1
  2. Catharina Hendrika Lammers continues in V.2.2
  3. Geertje E. Lammers continues in V.2.3


     Tjerk Roelofs Lammers

V.1.1 Tjerk Roelofs Lammers. Born 25-07-1885 (1984), Garage owner, died 30-3-1973. M. 16-12-1911 Hendrika Klazes van der Veen, born 9-05-1888, died 8-2-1922.

From this marriage:

  1. Roelof Lammers continues in VI.1.1
  2. Klaas Johannes Lammers continues in VI.1.2
  3. Piet Lammers continues in VI.1.3
  4. Jitske Lammers continues in VI.1.3


Remarried in October 1924 with Uilkje Libbes Wouda, born 25-5-1888, died 2-6-1978.

From this marriage:

Jan Lammers continues in VI.1.5


V.1.2 Pieter Roelofs Lammers. Died at the age of 16.


V.1.3 Geertje Roelofs Lammers. Born 5-3-1888, died 3-12-1982. M. Riekele Frederiks van der Zee, born 24-2-1885, died 19-5-1970.

From this marriage: (See Register van der Zee)

  1. Jansje van der Zee continues in VI.2.1.
  2. Hilegonda Frederika van der Zee continues in VI.2.2
  3. Roelof Piet van der Zee continues in VI.2.3

V.2.1 Pieter Broors Lammers. Born 1888, Instrument Electro-technical manufacturer, died 2-4-1981. M. Hielkje Bierma, born 1888, died 17-7-1981.

From this marriage, 1 son and 1 daughter.

V.2.2 Catharina Hendrika Lammers. M. Lammert Spahr van der Hoek, born 1888, Tanner, died 4-11-1965.

From this marriage 2 sons.

V.2.3 Geertje E. Lammers. M. Durk Klasema.

From this marriage 1 daughter.



VI.1.1 Roelof Lammers. Born 10-10-1912, Agricultural engineer, died. M. 1939 Anna Daaniela Emilie Mayer, born 21-6-1914, died 25-3-2002.

From this marriage: (1 daughter and 1 son.)

  1. Ottelie Rike Lammers continues in VII.1
  2. Tjerk Roelof Lammers continues in VII.1.2
  3. Alfred Lammers continues in VII.1.3


VI.1.2 Klaas Johannes Lammers. Born 22-7-1914, Family migrated to South Africa, died 6-12-2006. M. 1938 Geertruida Schroor, born 29-3-1917 in Beetsterzwaag, died 14-12-2011 in Pretoria.
The marriage dissolved on 31-3-1964.

From this marriage:

  1. Tjerk Jelle Lammers continues in VII.2.1
  2. Jelle Hendrik Lammers continues in VII.2.2
  3. Ali Jenny Lammers continues in VII.2.3

VI.1.3 Piet Lammers. Born 4-2-1916, migrated to South Africa, Garage owner in Pretoria and Drachten, died . M. 1945 Hendrika Boelens, born 4-9-1916, died 15-5-1995.

From this marriage:

  1. Tjerk Lammers continues in VII.3.1
  2. Peter Lammers continues in VII.3.2
  3. Tineke Hendrika Lammers continues in VII.3.3

VI.1.4 Jitske Lammers. Born 11-12-1918. M. 26-7-40. Georgius van der Plas, born 12-4-1908, Pharmacist, died 11-12-1991.

From this marriage:

  1. Hendrika Margaretha van der Plas, continues in VII.4.1
  2. Pieter Cornelius van der Plas, continues in VII.4.2
  3. Margaretha Hendrica van der Plas, continues in VII.4.3

VI.1.5 Jan Lammers. Born 30-09-1926 in Drachten, Garage owner died 31-08-2011. M. 20-08-1952 Dieuwke Kanninga, born 19-07-1928 in Drachten, died 31-03-2022.

From this marriage:

  1. Tjerk Piet Lammers continues in VII.5.1
  2. Anneke Uilkje Lammers continues in VII.5.2
  3. Pieter Johannes Lammers continues in VII.5.3

VI.2.1 Jansje van der Zee. Born 4-10-1913, died. M. 1938 Marten Klasema, born 12-5-1912. Engineer and Director of ZZW, died 74.

Marriage childless.


VI.2.2 Hillegonda Frederika van der Zee. Born 26-6-1916, M. Sietze de Boer, born 30-9-1915 in Boornbergum. Salesman, died 9-4-1987.

From this marriage 1 son and 1 daughter.


VI.2.3 Roelof Piet van der Zee. Born 10-5-1920, Road and Water engineer. Died. M. 8-10-1948 Jantje Brechtje Visser, born 15-2-1923, died 30-1-1996.

From this marriage 2 sons.



VII.1.1 Ottelie Rike Lammers. Born 10-2-1941 in Djember, Java, Indonesia, M. Xeno Johan Ophof, born 8-8-1937 in Pare, Java, Indonesia.

From this marriage 2 sons.

VII.1.2 Tjerk Roelof Lammers. Born 8-5-1947 in Wageningen, Teacher at agricultural collage in Deventer.


VII.1.3 Alfred Lammers. Born 21-12-1951, Chemist Utrecht.



VII.2.1 Tjerk Jelle Lammers. Born 25-5-1939 in Drachten. Garage owner in Pretoria. M. 14-11-1964 Sylvia Havenga in Pretoria, born 6-12-1944 in Cullinan.

From this marriage:
  1. Klaas Jan Lammers continues in VIII.1.1
  2. Rozanne Trudie Lammers continues in VIII.1.2
  3. Marjonne Lammers continues in VIII.1.3

VII.2.2 Jelle Hendrik Lammers. Born 12-11-1942 in Drachten, Teacher, M. 3-1-1970 in Pretoria Theunsina CWE Beetge, born 17-3-1946 in Springs.

From this marriage:

Klaas Johannes Lammers


VII.2.3 Ali Jenny Lammers. Born 13-12-1943 in Drachten, M. 1-10-66 in Pretoria Louis Richard Robert in Krugersdorp, born 13-13-1938 in Krugersdorp, electronic/ refrigeration technician, died 18-10-2007.

From this marriage:

  1. Mark Robert
  2. Louise Robert
  3. David Henry Robert

VII.3.1 Tjerk Lammers. Born in Pretoria, Garage owner, M. Anneke


VII.3.2 Peter Lammers. Born 28-10-1948 in Pretoria, Sports teacher. M. Joukje van der Werff, born 1-09-1951, died 12-05-2023.

From this marriage:

  1. Pieter Gerben Lammers continues in VIII.2.1
  2. Gauke Kornelis Lammers continues in VIII.2.2

VII.3.3 Tineke Hendrika Lammers. Born 19-10-1955 in Pretoria. M. Johan Water.

From this marriage 1 daughter and 1 son.


VII.4.1 Hendrika Margaretha van der Plas. Born 24-04-1941, M. 18-3-1963 Rudolf Snooker, born 10-09-1938.

From this marriage 3 daughters.


VII.4.2 Pieter Cornelis van der Plas. Born 29-01-1944, M. 13-05-1968. Constance Agnes Sackman, born 11-07-1948.

From this marriage 1 son.


VII.4.3 Margaretha Hendrica van der Plas. Born 3-08-1947, M. 1-6-1971 Peter Paul L. Alofs, born 30-09-1939. Notary.

From this marriage 1 son and 2 daughters.


VII.5.1 Tjerk Piet Lammers. Born 29-9-1954, Music industry, pop-journalist. publications. M. Manuëla Kemp


VII.5.2 Anneke Uilkje Lammers. Born 8-4-1957, Art History teacher. M. Atte Kleinjan, born 12-08-1955. Veterinarian.

From this marriage. 2 sons and 1 daughter.


VII.5.3 Pieter Johannes Lammers. Born 4-3-1961, Drs. Economics, Psychology, M. Ellen Pol, born 4-07-1961.

From this marriage 1 son and 1 daughter.



VIII.1.1 Klaas Jan Lammers. Born 8-04-1965 in Pretoria, Director of Datacentrix (IT). X. Helena Jooste.

From a relationship:

Marius Justin Lammers continues in IX.1.1


VIII.1.2 Rozanne Trudie Lammers. Born 22-07-1966 in Pretoria, M. Arnold Cloete, born 13-04-1964, Chartered Accountant.

From this marriage:

  1. Elsje Cloete M. Herculaas Albertus (Altus) Schoeman.
  2. Francois Cloete
  3. Ané Cloete

VII1.1.3 Marjonne Lammers. Born 20-11-1969 in Pretoria, died 20-10-1976.


VIII.2.1 Pieter Gerben Lammers. Born 6-2-1978 in Drachten, X. Simone Bergsma


VIII.2.2 Gauke Kornelis Lammers. Born 21-10-1980 in Ureterp, M. Jul.-2010 Kim Leen


IX.1.1 Marius Justin Lammers. Born 5-09-1987 in Pretoria, FO on Airbus A350 with Cathay Pacific, M. Jane Maree Hale, Counsel at Campbells Hong Kong.
From this marriage:

         Frankie Jane Lammers

        Henry Lammers    Born 8-06-2024




Roelof van der Zee
Evert Sikkema
Johan Bijzet



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