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 Tjerk Lammers
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About this Awards Manual

For many years, the awards records of the SARL were maintained manually in a tome kept in the Headquarters building in Cape Town. For the majority of the post-war period, the records were maintained by the then Awards Manager JEJ (Koos) van der Merwe, ZS1AW. The book is now slightly worn. Its format is slightly larger than A4, and it is about 35 mm thick. Its pages show evidence of meticulous record keeping over many decades. The first recorded awards date to 1950.
The period from 1950 to 1963 appears to show only one handwriting. From 1963 to 1981, there is some variation. However, Koos appears to have been the main driving force during this period, as the inside dust cover is signed by Koos on 1963-07-24. 

At this point, Buck Taylor ZS1VP took over. He continued to administer the awards until October 1990. Buck later returned to England, where he was G0OYH. He died in 2007.
The next Awards Manager was Dick Andrews ZS5RE, who handled the portfolio from November 1990 to May 1997. Dick has also subsequently died.
In June 1997, Tjerk Lammers ZS6P took over the responsibility. He continues to handle the awards portfolio to this day.

The complete awards directory in Adobe PDF format, including recipients, is available here for download.

© Tjerk Lammers ZS1J / ZS6P